For years businesses have tried to use general purpose workstations to manage their digital signage networks. They failed. Time and time again expensive equipment, complex setup procedures, and ongoing maintenance headaches conspired against them and stood in their way of achieving a very basic goal: a simple, scalable, and secure screen network that anyone could use to communicate effectively with people where and when it matters most.

The days of general purpose computing are finally giving way to a new era where cost-effective, single purpose devices can be used as simple, reliable appliances that do one job, and do it well.

Brand marketers and retail networks use the technology to publish digital signage content on screens inside their stores. Health clinics, university campuses and other kinds of venues use it to engage and entertain their visitors. It's part of a growing technology arena called place-based media that is rapidly turning TV screens outside the home into location-specific media channels. High quality animated content now takes only seconds to create. Text, video and images can be mixed and matched into hundreds of possible screen designs. Content creation is easy and quick - no experience required.

  1. Easily create and display professional looking contenton multiple displays from one central log in account
  2. Enable your team to easily make real-time updatesand changes to your content through our industry leading content management system.
  3. Deploy digital signage with zero set-up costsa hassle free set-up process and no messy project management
  4. Promote products, services and provide an additional revenue stream through wide range of options including targeted place-based ads, multi-media and much more.
  5. Position your Company as an innovator and thought leader by providing cutting edge, value added contentto your customers
  6. Differentiate your organization by having a fully branded digital signage solution specific to your marketing requirements

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