Hospitality Internet Access Controller

Hospitality Internet Access Controller

24online HIA solution offers bundled features like advanced access controller for guest AAA RADIUS solution, hotel Wi-Fi Hotspot management software, bandwidth management, walk-in coupon management and many more for single and chain of hotels.

Comprehensive Solution for Hospitality Internet Access

Advanced solution with Bandwidth Capping, User Session Management, RADIUS and AAA Features


24online Hospitality Internet Access (HIA) series offers advance access controllers with fully furnished guest management features and internet billing functions for hoteliers and single or chain of hotspots. 24online HIA is pre-integrated with famous property management systems in the market with industry standard features like pre-paid voucher management, zero configurations, guest management etc. required in hospitality segment. 24online HIA is highly flexible and plug-n-play solution that offers high speed Internet experience to guests and visitors at small and large hospitality/hotspot locations. Hotels can easily promote their business as 24online is an industry leading solution supporting Wired, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VSAT technologies.

24online comprehensive solution for hospitality internet access (HIA) is delivered in robust appliance based form with loaded features like

OverviewHIA Features

24online Access Controller

24online access controller solution is an advanced solution which offers robust (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) AAA which incorporates captive portal capabilities and accounting of several guests easily. It provides authorization based on IP and MAC addresses and comprehensive accounting based on time, duration, and usage. 24online supports PPPoE* and SOAP protocols and is also available with an inbuilt server. 24online access controller allows hotels to offer their guests with flat, flexible billing plans supported by pulse-based rating.

Hotels can offer promotions and discounts as well as launch date; time and usage based plans to their guests. It also enables carrying third party advertisements on guest invoices and to configure taxes as well. 24online's access controller facilitates bandwidth control based on guest requirement and supports committed bandwidth allocation (CIR), offering high quality service to high-value customers. It also supports burstable bandwidth allocation (CBR), automatically allocating extra bandwidth to privileged guests.

Guest Room Type and Range

24online solution facilitates hotels to define room types and number of rooms available in the hotels. With the help of this facility hoteliers can define or offer internet access to guests according to their standard of room. 24online allows hotels to add minimum 1 to maximum number of rooms without any limitation.

Zero Configuration Networking

24online allows inexpert guests to connect their laptop and access internet automatically. 24online creates a usable IP network for guest without configuration or special server. With the help of zero configuration feature, guests can easily plug-in their laptop and start surfing without any technical IP configurations.

Captive Portal Capabilities

24online solution offers attractive guest login page branded accordingly for single property location or multiple properties at different locations. The portal page intercepts browser home page request to the URL defined which restricts unauthenticated guests from surfing. With the help of 24online captive portal features, hotels and hotspots can create pool wise, zone wise, SSID wise, location wise captive portal for their guests and users. 24online user interface supports walled garden sites, or unauthenticated access to specific websites like hotel website or advertisement URLs.

User Friendly & Attractive GUI

The rich look and feel of the GUI has been designed according to the attractive and eye-catching stylish designs expected in the hospitality industry. The entire configurations in the solution can be easily managed from a single page, and similarly all the required features can be managed from the control page. Hotel admin can avail complete details of guest checked-in/out, plans purchased etc at a single glance. In addition, most reviewed pages are categorized separately which reduces the navigation process for hotel admin managing the solution.

Hotels & service apartments can deploy access points on each floor and on the premises, offering Internet services to guests. A centralized 24online server controls usage and offers cost-effective billing and bandwidth management functionalities that include billing based on hours/days and data transfer. 24online has 2400+ installations spread across 30+ countries around the world, such as USA, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Greece, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, catering to more than 2 million subscribers.

Room-to-Port Mapping/VLAN Tagging

24online offers room-to-port mapping feature using which admin can relate room number (user) with specific port of VLAN tagging switch and assign individual IP to each room. By assigning individual IP, guest is restricted to surf from cross-room surfing. Moreover, the bandwidth provision for guest plan can also be provided dedicatedly instead of on-sharing basis. Thus the quality of service as well as the security both can be maintained with help of this feature.